Enketo has joined ODK!

Martijn van de Rijdt, 14 May 2023

I started Enketo in 2009 as a web-based alternative to ODK Collect, the popular Android app for offline data collection. Over time, Enketo has grown into a core component of great products like Ona, KoboToolbox, OpenClinica, Survey123, and of course, ODK.

Though I have had a great time developing Enketo and collaborating with so many impressive people, the past few years I have become increasingly interested in working on other things (such as woodworking). In August 2021, the ODK team agreed to take over leadership of the Enketo project. My own involvement in the greater Enketo project has reduced to just a few hours a week, and that work is mostly on custom features for a client.

One and a half years after handing over control, it is clear that Enketo is in excellent hands! ODK (especially Yaw Anokwa, Hélène Martin, and Trevor Schmidt) have been doing an awesome job adding performance improvements, aligning behavior with ODK Collect, fixing critical vulnerabilities, and many other things. I am very impressed with their thoughtful approach to development (and am learning from it) and their willingness and ability to make big investments in improving the code, toolchain, and maintainability. I am so happy that Enketo is continuing to thrive and am excited about its future.

Many thanks to ODK and all of Enketo’s contributors over the years!

P.S. If you haven’t used ODK recently, you’re missing out! Request a demo at getodk.org to learn more.

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