Galvanizing Enketo

Martijn van de Rijdt, 25 Jul 2013

As discussed in various previous posts, the formhub user forum and in the Enketo presentation at Humanitarian Nomad, my goal is to make Enketo a sustainable project and further increase its adoption. Enketo needs to be able to continuously improve and scale relatively independently. To achieve this, the first requirement is a stable source of revenue.


Enketo LLC’s strategy consists of: screenshot

  • provide as a paid service where any organization that uses its own installation of ODK Aggregate or Formhub can use Enketo for data collection in a manner that is affordable, secure, robust, easily integratable, and uses the organization’s own branding.
  • maintaining and improving capacity to conduct paid development work on Enketo for multiple clients (in addition to the amazing Sustainable Engineering Lab).
  • encourage significant contributions by others to the Enketo source code

I think that if 2 out of 3 of these are successful, the prospects for sustainability look good.


The next milestones in the implementation of this strategy are:

  1. launch (end of August)
  2. sign web development contracts with new customers for new features or improvements (discussions are pending)
  3. form a partnership with another developer and/or a designer to increase capacity and share responsibility (so far only consultants are attached)
  4. get major pull requests from third party developers


Enketo at Galvanize

With its recent move to Galvanize, a very cool co-working space in Denver, Enketo LLC has found the perfect working environment to implement these exciting plans. It is now surrounded by other Internet Businesses (some are even hipper than Enketo). The vibe and networking opportunities here are awesome and will be a great positive influence on the work!

Becoming social

When time allows, we need to start hitting the social networks. If you’d like to really help with this you could start following Enketo on twitter, on Google+ and on LinkedIn.

I will report back on the progress in meeting these milestones!