Paste KML Polygons

Martijn van de Rijdt, 20 Feb 2015

Another update to the Geo Widgets! You can now cut and paste a KML <Polygon> to record a geoshape, e.g. if the polygon was collected using a dedicated GPS device. This feature was introduced in December 2014 and is available in all Enketo tools with an up-to-date version of Enketo Core.

How to Use

The following screenshots show how this feature can be used. Try it yourself by clicking on one of them to open a demo form.

KML Paste Screenshot - step 1 KML Paste Screenshot - step 3 KML Paste Screenshot - step 4

This extension to the geo widgets was funded by the Santa Fe Institute as part of a collaboration between the Santa Fe Institute and Shack/Slum Dwellers International.


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