Quick look at Enketo’s launch area

Martijn van de Rijdt, 27 Jun 2012

I would like to share some screenshots of Enketo’s launch area. This is the component that survey administrators (not the average user) will use to test and launch survey forms (after uploading the XForm file or providing the formhub or ODK Aggregate URL). At the moment I’m using Enketo’s launch area to find bugs in the transformation from XML to HTML5 and in the XForm functionality. I’m using its built-in reporting function to find major errors and monitor the instantly-updated data (in XML) whenever input fields change. I should mention that I have not yet started working on fancy form widgets. The appearance and usability of the forms will improve significantly once I reach that stage.

I would welcome any sample forms that you think might be useful during testing!

Screenshot showing form media labels Screenshot showing plain form and information tabs that help with testing. Screenshot showing data, updated in realtime Screenshot showing form upload feature. Screenshot showing XML-to-HTML5 transformation report

[Edited: the name Rapaide was replaced by Enketo]