Enketo.org now has a FREE plan

Martijn van de Rijdt, 06 Feb 2014

There is now a brand new FREE enketo.org plan with NO CREDIT CARD required. All other plan prices have been reduced by 50%.

Oh yes, it's free

Many signups

Since the launch in September 2013, we had far more people than anticipated sign up for an enketo.org account. The potential market is clearly much larger than expected. It shows a great potential for Enketo to become THE data collection app in the Dev community. Nevertheless, there is one important issue we need to address: very few of these newly signed-up users actually activated their account with a credit card to start the trial.

Building trust

The need to enter credit card information after signing up causes many people to change their mind. We use the highly secure Stripe service for payment processing and the credit card information never reaches our server. Moreover, it is very easy to remove your card (because we despise the shady practices of some companies that do not allow this easily). We will continue to communicate the robust security we have in place and expect to slowly build trust.

An expanding market

There are several exciting new developments in the OpenRosa space that will result in a lot more servers that have Enketo integration built in. This will expand our potential market even more. The first of these developments will be announced very soon.

A runway and an opportunity

With recent sponsorships the company now has a little runway and we have decided to use this to make a strong push to increase adoption of Enketo Smart Paper.

The changes

The following changes were made:

  • a FREE plan is now available, replacing the old ‘free 30-day trial’ periods
  • all other plans are now 50% reduced in price
  • all plans now have API access allowing you to integrate the enketo.org service with your server
  • the account page is better structured


We hope that by offering lower prices, providing a free option and continuing to build our product, we will eventually end up with a larger amount of users who decide the service is worth paying for. A stable source of revenue from the service at enketo.org presents the best way forward for us. It will allow us to organically scale up our infrastructure, development work and support as Enketo gains popularity and the user base expands.

Please spread the word and of course sign up!