Enketo Integration into ODK Aggregate

Martijn van de Rijdt, 08 Feb 2014

I am pleased to announce that Enketo.org is now integrated with ODK Aggregate. From Aggregate v1.4.1 onwards, there is now a much easier way for ODK Aggregate users to launch forms in Enketo for data collection. It just requires the click of a button in Aggregate!

Aggregate Screenshot

If you are hosting an installation of Aggregate 1.4.1 and want to enable this feature all you need is an Enketo.org account. A free plan option has just become available. When you have an account, you’ll just have configure 2 settings in ODK Aggregate to link it with Enketo. The Enketo buttons in Aggregate will magically appear once you have linked it.

To read the instructions in more detail, visit this page.

Many thanks to SDRC for developing this feature and thanks to Mitch and the rest of the ODK team for their advice and for welcoming SDRC’s code contribution. I have no doubt the new addition will be well-received by ODK users, and will open the road for deeper integration in the future. The next key integration features could for example be to:

  • use Enketo’s edit API to open an existing already-submitted record for editing in Enketo. This functionality is already used in formhub.org and utilizes an elegant mechanism in the OpenRosa specification that ODK, Formhub and Enketo are built around.
  • build automatic quota management into Aggregate by sending a de-activation request to Enketo when a form has been deleted from Aggregate.