Enketo is now open source and will be used in formhub!

Martijn van de Rijdt, 12 Sep 2012

I’m excited to announce that the Enketo source code has now been released under an open source license on GitHub and that Enketo has received a great boost!

formhub web site

I’ve joined the formhub team at Modilabs (Columbia University) and will continue working on Enketo for them in the next few months. This means Enketo (or Enketo-powered tools) will become a reality and will benefit greatly from lots of new ideas of, and collaboration with, the very talented Modilabs team. In the past 2 weeks the new direction and look has started to take shape and it is going to be very cool. The active repository for Enketo in the near future will be this fork. The best source for news on Enketo will probably become the formhub blog.