Collecting User Stories

Martijn van de Rijdt, 13 Nov 2014

Enketo LLC just doubled in size!

I was recently joined by Christi Yoder who will be generating user stories around Enketo. I met Christi at a Humanitarian Simulation exercise at the University of Denver this year where she was completing a (second) Master’s in International Human Rights. I found out she was a fan of Enketo, and very interested in the role of tech in emergencies. I am thrilled she agreed to join the team for a few months, before embarking on a career in Human Rights and in particular around Gender-Based Violence and Monitoring & Evaluation.

It has been amazing to see Enketo’s growth in popularity this year by looking at the statistics on page views, emails, and many ongoing conversations with organizations looking into adopting it. One of the weaknesses, though, is a lack of insight in exactly who is using Enketo, what kind of projects it is used for and where it is used.

A better understanding would help us in determining Enketo’s future direction as well as provide very valuable background information for funding proposals that will help ensure that the Enketo project keeps moving forward. For this reason, Christi will be collecting stories that describe interesting projects that use Enketo for data collection. At the same time, she will be collecting data on your user experiences in general.

Expect her to get in touch in the next few weeks or contact her directly if you would like to contribute!

Thanks in advance for helping out the Enketo project.