Introducing Enketo Express

Martijn van de Rijdt, 21 Feb 2015

The new Enketo Smart Paper app (aka Enketo Express) is now ready to start replacing the old Enketo Smart Paper app (aka Enketo Legacy).

Enketo Express screenshot


As of today the key advantages of the new app are:

  • exactly 10x easier to install
  • multi-language user interface
  • cross-browser (media) file inputs
  • better security of user credentials
  • multiple theme support also in form previews
  • ability to override default form values via the API
  • more advanced form embedding capabilities
  • additional authentication option
  • form-defined instanceName values are used as the default local record names
  • exactly 20x more fun to continue to develop

Offline Capability Still Experimental

The offline capability was re-developed from the ground up using different storage technologies. Any offline-capable webform views should be considered experimental for the next few months. The online-only views are considered stable. Please help by reporting bugs here.

GitHub Account

It might be confusing that the master repository lives in the KoBoToolbox GitHub account, and a ‘fork’ exists in the Enketo GitHub account. KoBo funded the initial (and still ongoing) development. Without their significant support the new app might have never gotten off the ground. The reason to keep a fork in Enketo’s GitHub account is simply because this is the place were some people will start looking first. It is just a mirror, meant to be kept exactly the same, so you can use either one. Just make sure to ‘star’ both, if you think they are any good… ;)


The development of the new Enketo Smart Paper app so far has been funded by KoBo Toolbox, the Santa Fe Institute, iMMAP and OpenClinica. For a continuously updated list of sponsors see the repository.


As always, we’d love to get your feedback. Comment on this blog, tweet @enketo, or post a message in the Enketo forum. If you discover a bug, please let us know what browser you are using.