Page Validation

Martijn van de Rijdt, 21 Dec 2015

Enketo’s pages mode now requires the current page to be valid before the user is able to proceed to the next page. This means any required questions need to be answered and any constraints need to be met. The behavior is now in line with ODK Collect.

Screenshot of page validation

Now that Enketo’s paid service and Ona have switched to the new Enketo application, and others will soon follow, we’ll stop referring to the old and new Enketo. From now onwards, every bit of news is always about the new Enketo.


This feature was largely contributed by Medic, the first major external code contributor to Enketo Core! Additional support from KoBoToolbox made it possible to expose this feature in the Enketo web application.


As always, we’d love to get your feedback. Comment on this blog, tweet @enketo, or post a message in the Enketo forum. If you discover a bug, please let us know what browser you are using.

We still have some ideas about how to further change the UI in pages mode. Don’t hesitate to add yours.