February 2018 Update

Martijn van de Rijdt, 14 Feb 2018

Though there isn’t anything quite as sexy to announce as the Image Map or Draw/Signature widgets, a lot has happened.


Here is a snapshot of the recent improvements in Enketo:

  • Full support for the annotate widget. Try it out in the widgets form.
  • Date and time handling has much improved.
  • File pickers now have a download option - particulary useful for editing or viewing draft records or submitted records.
  • File pickers now show the maximum acceptable file size before uploading.
  • Many more messages are translatable. You can help translate here.
  • Printing has much improved, especially for complicated widgets.
  • Groups and repeats are now collapsible.
  • Styling of radiobuttons and checkboxes is now consistent in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Modal dialogs are now consistent - previously there were 2 very different types.
  • Dozens of bugs were fixed.
  • Architecture of Enketo Core library has improved to make it easier to integrate Enketo’s form engine into applications.

All this work was sponsored by OpenClinica, KoBoToolbox, Ona, and by the Survey123 team at Esri.

XForms and XLSForms documentation

I’m also pleased to announce that the DIAL Impact Alliance has provided a ‘dirty jobs’ grant to Enketo to help clear the backlog in XLSForm and XForms documentation. This documentation is very important for the health of the Open Data Kit (ODK) ecosystem that Enketo is a proud member of.

Thanks to DIAL and special thanks to 2 of ODK’s amazing contributors: Yaw Anokwa and Hélène Martin, for putting together a succesful grant proposal.


As always, we’d love to get your feedback. Comment on this blog, tweet @enketo, or post a message in the Enketo forum. If you discover a bug, please let us know what browser you are using.