A new name: Enketo

Martijn van de Rijdt, 06 Aug 2012

Finally, I have come up with a better name for the offline-capable-and-open-source-form-format-using survey application with less scope for confusion. Rapaide has now been renamed to: Enketo

“Enketo” is Esperanto for survey and matches well with the wide user potential the application has (beyond aid workers).

Enketo screenshot

More updates:

  • OpenRosa XForms engine is working well and supports repeats (fully), translations (all), constraints, branching, triggers, outputs, defaults, media labels (hosted on Aggregate) and appearances (partial).
  • The focus in August will be on the data entry component (local storage of data and offline launch). Also, the source code for the fork of the excellent javascript XPath evaluator (to which I’ve just added the custom OpenRosa functions and accompanying tests) will be made available on GitHub.
  • September will be mostly dedicated to finalizing support for the newer parts of the OpenRosa spec (e.g. cascading selections) and creating a huge quantity of additional automated tests.
  • October: widgets…. and then in November the alpha launch(?)